555 Cigarettes

555 Cigarettes pack 555 Tar level: 12 mg Nicotine: 1 mg

555 cigarettes - be pleased with their extent and aroma

555 State Express cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes manufactured by the British American Tobacco. This company began its activities in 1915 and today it is the second most mainstream trademark in Asia, yielding the palm just to such outstanding tobacco giants as Philip Morris International.

The brand of "555 cigarettes" appeared since long ago. Its production was started since 1895. The silver-colored packing of inexpensive 555 cigarettes was designed in India. Today, these cigarettes are distributed in more than 50 countries. The 555 cigarette brand has become extremely widespread in Asian countries. In this region, this cigarette brand is successfully promoted online and has won an especial popularity. Maybe, the reason is that the cipher 5 is a happy figure in the Eastern world; such three figures consequently symbolize the happiness and wealth.

555 State Express cigarettes are generally favored in China and Malaysia , where BAT holds leading market positions.

555 State Express tobacco items got to be distinctly renowned basically, because of their sponsorship entertainments.

In this way, the logo of 555 cigarettes could be viewed as the engraving on the arrangement of dashing autos Subaru World Rally Championship, which was created around 1993 and 2004. The logo of 555 is still used by Subaru in blue and yellow hues on their vehicles.

It is still not exact but supposed that the cheap 555 cigarettes got their name from a train. Albert Levy, the person who called them so, indicated each three-digit row, beginning with 111 till 999 as symbols.

Should you already be satisfied with usual cigarettes, which do not give more than a simple cigarette can, decide yourselves for a new choice. These branded cigarettes are not like the others that you already know. Do you confirm it? Then use these cigarettes as a new personal preference. Change yourself with your new selection of special 555 cigarettes. This special cigarette brand is not expensive, but it is highly preferred by tobacco consumers worldwide. Nowadays, there is a great possibility to purchase them online at moderate prices.

These cigarettes are frequently preferred by young people as they have a nice aroma and chilly smell. The 555 cigarettes are liked by middle-class people as well because they are cheap and top-valued. 555 cigarettes are distributed in attractive packaging, which is eye-catching because of bright colors.

Buy these inexpensive cigarettes online and you will get all what you want. Be pleased with their extent and aroma!