American Legend Cigarettes

American Legend Red Cigarettes pack American Legend Red Tar level: 10 mg Nicotine: 1 mg
American Legend White Cigarettes pack American Legend White Tar level: 7 mg Nicotine: 0.7 mg

American Legend cigarettes - created by Karelia Tobacco

American Legend cigarettes are created by Karelia Tobacco. Right now, the organization attempted to improve the nature of its tobacco items. Presently, the organization is one of the biggest tobacco makers, regardless of whether it isn't completely refreshing in the neighborhood showcase. The American legend is a hit in Eastern Europe and Asia, this brand is truly alluring for the for the Cigs club.

They produce numerous brands, however the American Legend cigarettes can undoubtedly be considered by their ideal parity of aroma, quality and mildness.

Purchasers love these cigs because of their high taste and moderate costs. The flavor of American Legend cigarettes do not fundamentally differ from Pall Mall Red.

American Legends cigarettes are Greek cigarettes made in 1980 by Karelia Tobacco Company. It is one of the biggest and most established tobacco manufacturers. In spite of being one of the quickest developing free cigarette organizations on the planet, it is as yet possessed and kept running by a similar family. Truth be told, in excess of 90 percent of the organization's offers are possessed by the family. The organization is headquartered in Kalamata, Greece, in a similar zone known for the customary Greek olives of Kalamata.

The organization sends out cigarettes to in excess of 65 nations. The organization additionally has selective rights to fabricate and circulate a few American and European brands in Greece, including Winston and Camel. More than 85 percent of the organization's businesses originate from universal markets.

In spite of the way that the Karelia Tobacco Company is as of now an enormous enterprise, representatives are as yet treated like a family. They have faith in straightforwardness and bolster their representatives through cooperation and regard. They are additionally effectively engaged with keeping up the way of life of Greece, including moving, music and workmanship. The organization likewise has practical experience in development and utilizations one of the quickest cigarette making machines, fit for creating 16,000 cigarettes for each moment.