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Amphora - old traditions and high quality mixtures

Amphora pipe tobacco is produced by the Danish company Mac Baren. It is famous for centuries-old traditions and high quality mixtures. A small factory in Svennborg not only provides excellent pipe tobacco to more than 70 countries, but also supplies it to other major tobacco companies. Mac Baren products can not be called cheap, but true connoisseurs are willing to pay for impeccable taste and the highest quality. An interesting fact is that before launching a new product, Mac Baren allows experienced smokers to taste it and listens carefully to their opinion.

Amphora is well known to connoisseurs for its indescribable aroma and variety of flavors. Virginia and Burley tobaccos are the basis of the mixture, to which there are carefully added calibrated proportions of Oriental and Cavendish varieties. Original aromatic additives give gourmets minutes of true pleasure.

Thus, Amphora, the aromatic soft pipe tobacco is well known to many smokers. However, literally until 2015, it was not easy to find it on store shelves on both sides of the Atlantic. And only with the acquisition in 2015 of this brand by the Danish company Mac Baren, it gradually becomes available. Armed with more than a century of experience in creating pipe blends and a special attitude to the quality of raw tobacco, Mac Baren specialists presented updated blends of selected tobacco leaves. They are characterized by the use of four main flavored types of tobacco - Virginia, Burley, Oriental, Kentukky, which, added in different proportions, reveal their characteristics in a special way in the mixture. Another difference from the traditional production of Amphora tobacco was a very small amount of natural flavoring additives, which again returns the brand to the Dutch type of "unsharp aromas".

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