Backwoods Cigarettes

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Backwoods - new way of smoking satisfaction

A few years ago, when a person wanted a good, inexpensive cigar, he had to twist his own. Those cigars didn’t look very pretty, but they were moderate in taste and smelled good. Now you can enjoy them again with the Backwoods cigars.

Backwoods cigars have been produced since 1981 and, right from the moment of their appearance, became the best seller among budget cigars. Their wedge-shaped body, disheveled end, cut off heads - give the impression of a simple cigar for a simple smoker.

The cigars are packed in special airtight foil bags where there is preserved the required level of humidity. Thanks to it, their unique style, taste and aroma are always preserved, which made Backwoods cigars so famous in the world.

Backwoods cigars are wrapped in the Connecticut Broadleaf natural cover.

These cigars are very different from the usual cigars with their incredibly pleasant taste, aroma and unusual “torn” ends. If cigars like Cuban are very popular, then Backwoods is much nicer to smoke. Tobacco is soft. If the cigar was properly stored (not very dry and not wet), then it is a pleasure to smoke it.

How to smoke Backwood cigars?

Not everyone knows how to smoke a cigar, while receiving maximum pleasure. But this is a very simple process - it is worth releasing smoke through the nose or exhaling through the mouth, with pleasure pulling it in with the nose. Of course, for those who are accustomed to smoking cigarettes, at first it will be difficult not to drag out deeply. Therefore, you can smoke a third in the usual way, and the rest as described above.

Therefore, Backwood cigars’ smoking allows you to feel well both the aroma and taste of tobacco itself, and the additional smell of smoke, chosen at your discretion. Enjoy enlarge this experience! Backwood cigars open horizons to absolutely new way of smoking satisfaction!