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Captain Black - enjoy new tastes!

You started smoking little cigars and would like to try something new. Then it is the perfect place for you to shop and enjoy new tastes!

Captain Black little cigars - the international brand was founded by the American company Lane Limited, specializing in the production of aromatic saturated tobacco blends. Captain Black little cigars appeared in 1973, and soon became the No. 1 cigarillos for sales in the United States, thanks to a unique combination of aroma and quality of pipe tobacco blend. Currently, Captain Black is one of the world's leading pipe tobacco brands, also producing cigarillos of the same name.

Features of Captain Black:

For many years, Captain Black cigarillos have been leaders in the non-cigarette segment of the global market. The sale of these tobacco products has been a steady success in all countries. Excellent quality made it one of the best-selling brands among connoisseurs of real tobacco aroma.

Among the features of Captain Black cigarillos, there are a balanced mixture of aromas, moderation of flavors that are not distinguished by excessive astringency or strength, pleasant additives are also worth highlighting. Smoking such a cigarilla will help you forget about all the problems and worries, enjoying the thoughtfulness and tranquility.

Assortment of Captain Black. On our online store you can buy Captain Black little cigars and pipe tobaaco of various tastes. Each brand from the line of this manufacturer has its own unique aroma. The assortment of this brand includes tobacco products with a delicate aroma and the presence of a soft aroma, and an incredible flavor of a mixture of dark leaf tobacco varieties. Captain Black cigarillos are created for true connoisseurs who are accustomed only to the very best. The elegant design of a recognizable pack is another advantage of the product. If you want to experience the real taste of tobacco in cigarillos, then try Captain Black cigarillos.

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