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Clan unites all the users into one community

Clan is one of the most popular brands among pipe tobacco fans. To solve the mystery of the brand name, you can plunge into the history of the Gallic language. "Clan" is literally "children of the family." These were people, living in the mountains of Scotland. Honor and valor were characteristic features of those inhabitants, but their most important qualities were adherence to traditions and respect for the family. Each member of the clan wore a clan coat of arms on the shield and each of them had its own special design on the kilt (men's Scottish skirt), which is called tartan.

Today, one of the arms of Clan can be seen on the packaging of pipe tobacco brand Clan. This red shield takes us deep into history, showing how carefully the company keeps traditions and remains true to quality. A different pattern of kilts also found a continuation in the design of tobacco packaging. Only 14 different tobaccos and 14 different tartans, each grade has its own unique ornament, just like we will not repeat the taste. For example, Clan Aromatic "50 - this mixture consists of manually chopped ribbon-cut tobacco of Virginia varieties, dried in the sun and Virginia air-dried. Caramel and chocolate are used as flavoring agents, which gives the mixture a strong aroma.

This unique combination is complemented by selected Burley, as well as a little Black Cavendish and, as a finishing touch, Latakia, added for an interesting taste and a special contrast. The tobacco is slightly sweet and has a slight aftertaste of cocoa and spices. So, the Clan brand is one of the most famous among fans of aromatic pipe tobacco. Drawing inspiration from an amazing fabric with a tartan pattern made from multi-colored and hand-dyed fabrics, the pipe mix masters “plaited” into it 14 different types of tobacco from around the world. This recipe is kept in the strictest confidence and is known only to a small number of initiates. Just such a tobacco for Clan pipes absolutely every connoisseur of quality as well as pleasant taste and aroma sensations, can buy in our online store at a very reasonable price. We sell only quality and licensed products.