Drum Cigarettes

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Drum is the traditional Dutch tobacco taste

This is a traditional Dutch blend of coarse sliced golden Virginia and Kentucky rich rolling tobacco. Due to the high quality of the used tobacco, it has a rich and pronounced taste.

Smoking Drum tobacco is a famous rolling tobacco for cigarettes originated from Holland. Two types of raw materials are blended in this rolling tobacco - Golden Virginia and Dark Kentucky.

This brand of tobacco originates in 1952. Then he first appeared on the Dutch market for the tobacco industry. Tobacco distribution began thanks to Duva Egberts. It was he who presented the goods in 1952, and the Netherlands. The public positively accepted the innovation. After that, the brand became recognizable. After a public display, the brand was purchased by Sara Lee Corporation.

For more than 50 years, Drum has conquered not only his native country, but also the whole of Europe and Australia. To date, Drum Original is manufactured by Imperial Tobacco, a tobacco company that bought the product from Sara Lee Corporation.

Rolling Tobacco brand Drum today is one, but there are two varieties of tobacco. The first is made in the USA and is distinguished by the taste and size of the cut leaves. The other is made in accordance with the original recipe; it mixes two types of tobacco. The original Drum is made in the Netherlands.

Owing to a mixture of dark and light varieties, this tobacco has a rich aroma and mild taste with hints of bitterness. Some smokers call it "everyday tobacco"

An interesting distinguishing feature of this rolling tobacco is its packaging method. Drum is not compacted into briquettes, but packaged in a "loose" package, which looks much larger than other briquettes of similar weight. Such packaging contributes to an even distribution of moisture and air inside. Thanks to this, Drum smoking tobacco will be fresh and fragrant for a long time after packaging.

Now it is the world famous brand of tobacco for cigarette rolls with more than half a century of history. Two advantages are inherent in Drum Original tobacco - refined aroma and mild taste when smoking. Regular consumers of such a product are large British, Australian, French, Belgian and Dutch cities.

Due to its softness and rich aroma, it is popular in many countries of the world, especially in Europe and Australia.