Henri Wintermans Cigarettes

Henri Wintermans is one of the most famous Dutch brands

The history of the Dutch brand of little cigars named Henri Wintermans begins in 1904. Nowadays, the Henri Wintermans little cigars are sold in more than 50 countries around the world, having long been the epitome of true quality. Henri Wintermans cigars and little cigars have a mild, aromatic character and guarantee excellent smoking.

Henri Wintermans Cigars is one of the world's leading cigar and cigarillo companies. The most famous and popular brands are Café Crème, Henri Wintermans Founder’s Blend, Colts and Petit.

The company still bears the name of its founder, who back in 1904, together with his brother, opened a small factory for the manufacture of cigars.

Only 100 years have passed, and Henri Wintermans Cigars is one of the three world leaders in the manufacture of cigars. All Henri Wintermans products are manufactured using unique dual aging tobacco technology. First, only the best tobacco leaves are selected, which are aged up to two years. Ready-made cigars are additionally aged on cedar wood shelves. As a result, cigars are strong, but not sharp, with a surprisingly mild flavor. Cigars Henri Wintermans - refined, rich and soft taste.

Henri Wintermans little cigars are smoking sticks that include a single sheet of tobacco on the outside and chopped tobacco on the inside. The Henri Wintermans cigarillo taste is closer to cigars, but contain more nicotine. But in appearance, they are more reminiscent of ordinary cigarettes come with a filter and packaged in packs. The Henri Wintermans cigarillos do not contain additives that support cigarette smoldering and therefore can be flavored. Both female and male smokers give preference to this type of tobacco products; it all depends on the added flavors and the strength of the Henri Wintermans cigarillos. In the specialized store of the our company you can not only buy Henri Wintermans cigarillos at an affordable price, but also get competent advice on the product. To buy these little cigars at the best price, please visit our web store. You will nowhere find better prices and purchase terms as we are a professional distributor.