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King Edward was and is the pattern of his name’s cigars

This popular cigar brand in the USA and Europe was named after the English king Edward VII, who was a big fan of tobacco. This king became famous thanks to his first phrase immediately after the coronation: “Gentlemen can smoke,” thereby ending the Victorian era of the ban on tobacco and smoking at court.

King Edward Sweet Cherry cigars will please you with their high quality and good price. They are exquisite in their format, aroma and taste. Juicy ripe cherry is the main note that is so successfully interwoven with natural tobacco flavors, giving an explosive mix. Low fortress is responsible for a pleasant mild taste and good finish. They are complemented by a wooden sweetened mouthpiece, which gives the entire smoking process an exquisite delicate sweetness. It is a good offer for those who like medium-sized cigars for short smoking.

To get the most out of King Edward Cigars, you must follow these guidelines: Eat. Having smoked on an empty stomach, you run the risk of experiencing stomach cramps and severe dizziness.

Combine smoking with good alcohol, as this will enhance the taste. Dampen the “cap” with saliva before pruning. This will make the cover sheet soft and the cut will come out even. Correctly select the cutoff value: the more you cut, the stronger the thrust.

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