Pall Mall Cigarettes

Pall Mall Azure Cigarettes pack Pall Mall Azure Tar level: 4 mg Nicotine: 0.4 mg
Pall Mall Blue (Lights) Cigarettes pack Pall Mall Blue (Lights) Tar level: 7 mg Nicotine: 0.6 mg
Pall Mall Full Filter Cigarettes pack Pall Mall Full Filter Tar level: 10 mg Nicotine: 0.9 mg

Pall Mall Lights (Blue) Cigarettes pack Pall Mall Lights (Blue) Tar level: 7 mg Nicotine: 0.6 mg
Pall Mall Menthol Cigarettes pack Pall Mall Menthol Tar level: 10 mg Nicotine: 0.9 mg

Pall Mall cigarettes demonstrate their prevalence all over

Pall Mall cigarettes are one of the most established cigarettes brands. There are various stories, which are firmly associated with the presence of its name.

A few experts in history assert that the once well known amusement set out the ground for the name, the primary stock of which was the ball and an extraordinary sharp edge - palla and maleus.

Others trust that time itself managed the introduction of this very item. Whatever it was, this brand is one of a kind in its nature. Furthermore, for a long time it generally demonstrated its prevalence all over!

Others are confirmed that Pall Mall cigarettes are named to pay tribute to the eponymous London narrow passageway. Maybe now none can ever comprehend what these cigarettes were named after.

It is known for certain that the first marketed Pall Mall cigarettes were introduced for sale in the late 19th century, in 1899 and Butler & Butler Company was the first holder of the brand.

At the absolute starting point, these cigarettes were presented only as premium cigarettes. Having existed discreetly and gently till 1907, the brand came into ownership of American Tobacco Company.

With an end goal to become popular for a great number of new clients as could reasonably be expected concerning Pall Mall mark, the production supervisors undertook an extraordinary approach - they elaborated new prolonged size cigarettes (85mm) and called them the King Size.

This size is currently viewed as a work of art and standard one, yet then packed in a modern way recently, it permits puffing much more effectively and more pleasant, this progression made a bomb impact, immediately making Pall Mall cigarettes the most prevalent and overpowering.

However, these cigarettes got the genuine notoriety amidst the 60-ies, and the craving for experimentations helped all the time.

That time, American Tobacco managers chose to start a more drawn out form of cigarettes - 100 mm. Again there was seen an immense achievement, Pall Mall cigarettes turned into the most prevalent product in the United States.

Nevertheless, thusly the ubiquity of this brand just fell. This happened because of the way that until 1987 Pall Mall cigarettes were unfiltered cigarettes, while contenders have since a long time ago presented them in their items.

Right now, Pall Mall brand is possessed by the world's second tobacco company - British American Tobacco, and is one of the four smash hit cigarette companies.