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Van Nelle is a gorgeous and special tobacco

Today, many smokers prefer cigarettes, that is, hand-rolled cigarettes, which are made from rolling tobacco. The fashion for smoking cigarettes appeared during the Second World War and it owes its origin to people with a small income. Representatives of the upper class, as a rule, rejected this type of smoking.

Van Nelle is a gorgeous, special rolling tobacco, consisting of several high-quality tobacco varieties from the United States (Kentucky), Africa and Italy, subjected to a special process of drying over fire, for which the firewood of a rare hickory tree was used, and unique fermentation. All this gave a unique prune aroma and piquant taste to the final mixture of rolling tobacco. It has sufficient strength. Such tobacco is very finely chopped, without impurities and additives, in addition to very high quality. In the manufacture of cigarette rolls, it is quite possible to experiment by mixing different types of rolling tobacco according to your personal taste. Rolling tobacco for cigarettes looks very similar to a cigarette, it has the same thin cut. However, its difference from a cigarette is the presence of a delicate pleasant aroma.

Today, cigarettes are a worthy alternative to cigarettes and cigarettes. Some smokers claim that there is nothing better than a self-rolled cigarette, which is made by hand and filled with high-quality tobacco. True rolling tobacco lovers want to smoke high-quality tobacco, combining it with good paper, but, unfortunately, many people do not buy them because of the high cost of cigars, and they also prefer cigarette rolls, which are much cheaper to produce.

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