IQOS HeatSticks Cigarettes

IQOS HEETS Amber Cigarettes pack IQOS HEETS Amber Tar level: Nicotine:
£46.08*$56.00 per carton
IQOS HEETS Green Cigarettes pack IQOS HEETS Green Tar level: Nicotine:
£46.08*$56.00 per carton
IQOS HEETS Menthol Cigarettes pack IQOS HEETS Menthol Tar level: Nicotine:
£46.08*$56.00 per carton

IQOS HEETS Purple Cigarettes pack IQOS HEETS Purple Tar level: Nicotine:
£46.08*$56.00 per carton
IQOS HEETS Yellow Cigarettes pack IQOS HEETS Yellow Tar level: Nicotine:
£46.08*$56.00 per carton
IQOS HEETS Bronze Cigarettes pack IQOS HEETS Bronze Tar level: Nicotine:

IQOS HEETS Silver Cigarettes pack IQOS HEETS Silver Tar level: Nicotine:

Heets - an example of an innovative type of electronic cigarettes

You are an avid vaper. Vaping for you is not just words; it is your life and its perception! The inhalation of vapor evaporating an electronic cigarette is a daily ritual for you. Vaping is a miracle that will improve and save the life of someone who quits smoking for you. Naturally, you are interested in new items in this field. And we are pleased to present the following ones:

Heets or in other words HeatSticks are an example of an innovative type of electronic cigarette, based on the heat-not-burn tobacco heating system. The revolutionary technology allows the bathers to feel the true taste of tobacco, without ashes, smoke and a less pronounced smell, compared to conventional cigarettes.

These devices do not produce smoke, fire or ash. Heets are an electronic device that can be smoked without burning. “How is this possible?” This is a logical question. It's simple! Regular cigarettes are rolled sheets of tobacco that need to be ignited to inhale the nicotine contained in the smoke. This device also heats tobacco, thereby releasing water vapor containing nicotine.

No ash, just a little smoke! These cigarettes are able to solve the problems of heavy smokers.

Features and benefits of Heets:

Here we will talk about the specific advantages and characteristics of Heatsticks cigarettes. How do they function?

Four main advantages of HeatSticks:

  • • Without burning - you will not burn yourself and do not start a fire.
  • • Smells less smoke.
  • • Eco-friendly - less content of environmentally harmful substances.
  • • Saturated taste gamut of the product.

What influences the choice of Heets? Of course, it is their taste. Each smoker prefers a certain brand and type of cigarettes, choosing them according to their own preferences. In this case, the developers took into account the taste needs of consumers and created a unique taste range. And it can not leave any vaper indifferent. Buying the given HeatSticks, you are immersed in a whole new world of vaping and taste sensations! Choosing HeatSticks, you choose the future!